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add platformspecific sources because windows requires an extra object file

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......@@ -19,10 +19,12 @@ ifeq ($(OS), Windows_NT)
cp cdeps/wolfMQTT/src/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_packet.o src/Clean\ System\ Files/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_packet.$(SUFFIX)
cp cdeps/wolfMQTT/src/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_socket.o src/Clean\ System\ Files/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_socket.$(SUFFIX)
cp cdeps/_chkstk_ms.obj src/Clean\ System\ Files/
cp src-win/* src/
cp cdeps/wolfMQTT/src/.libs/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_client.o src/Clean\ System\ Files/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_client.$(SUFFIX)
cp cdeps/wolfMQTT/src/.libs/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_packet.o src/Clean\ System\ Files/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_packet.$(SUFFIX)
cp cdeps/wolfMQTT/src/.libs/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_socket.o src/Clean\ System\ Files/libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_socket.$(SUFFIX)
cp src-posix/* src/
......@@ -3,12 +3,19 @@ CLEAN_HOME?=/opt/clean
.PHONY: clean
ifeq ($(OS), Windows_NT)
all: MQTTClient
%.prj: %.icl
cpm project $* create $(CLEAN_HOME)/etc/iTasks.prt
cpm project $@ root ..
cpm project $@ path add ../src
cpm project $@ path add ../src-$(SRC)
%: %.prj
cpm project $^ build
definition module _MQTT
implementation module _MQTT
definition module _MQTT
implementation module _MQTT
import code from library "_chkstk_ms."
......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ import code from "libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_client."
import code from "libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_packet."
import code from "libwolfmqtt_la-mqtt_socket."
import _MQTT
import qualified Data.Map as DM
import Data.Functor
import Data.Func
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