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\title{Semantics and Rewriting}
\author{Project group 15}
\date{April 2020}
\section*{Group memebers and PRO number}
\item Robert Koprinkov s4690567
\item Mario Tsatsev s1028415
\item Bart Hofman s1018982
\item Michiel Kraan s1023132
\item PRO 15
We want to expand the syntax and semantics of While to include the following opeations:
\item GOTO operation like in C or Assembly.
\item Recursion and thus functions.
\item Array data structures and manipulations on them, possibly "map".
\item Assert operation to terminate a program given a condition.
\section*{Back up topic}
For the back-up we want to formalize the semantics of one of the following languages.
\item ArnoloC$^{[1]}$.
\item Zombie$^{[2]}$.
\item INTERCAL$^{[3]}$
They are also in order of preference. Many are listed here just in case some are already taken. So if ArnoloC is taken then we will formalize the semantics for Zombie and so on.
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