Commit d52230bb authored by Michele's avatar Michele

fixed number of tries when updating table to (number of outputs +1) * number of traces

parent c56b0130
......@@ -70,8 +70,9 @@ class LearningAlgorithm:
trie = th.make_trie(oTraces)
# Until we tried K times with no results
K = len(oTraces) * 2 # TODO: should not be hardcoded, maybe the number of output is a good indication for this?
# Until we tried K times with no results, where K is the number of
# observable traces times the number of outputs (including quiescence)
K = len(oTraces) * (len(self._teacher.getOutputAlphabet()) + 1)
found = 0
tries = 0
while tries < K:
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