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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Certain arrangements had to be made including the setting of timing parameters t
\caption{OpenSSH server. States are distributed into 3 clusters, one for each layer, plus a state for when connection was lost.
We eliminate redundant states and information induced by the {\dmapper}, as well as states present in successful rekey sequences. Wherever rekey was permitted, we replaced the rekey states and transitions by a single \textsl{REKEY SEQUENCE} transition. We also factor out edges common to states within a cluster. We replace common disconnecting edges, by one edge from the cluster to the disconnect state. Common self loop edges are colored, and the actual i/o information only appears on one edge. Transitions with similar start and end states are joined together on the same edge. Transition labels are kept short by regular expressions(UA\_* stands for all inputs starting with UA\_) or by factoring out common start strings. Green edges highlight the happy flow. }
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