Commit 4bb73e91 authored by Markus Klinik's avatar Markus Klinik
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remove unused imports

parent 5c5d1ce5
module AssignmentTaxiRules
import Message;
import Set;
import Relation;
import lang::java::m3::Core;
import lang::java::m3::AST;
import IO;
import ClassHierarchy;
import Util;
import StandardLocations;
set[Message] allAssignmentTaxiRules(M3 model, set[Declaration] ast)
......@@ -84,7 +81,7 @@ set[Message] aTaxi_no_synchronized_modifier(M3 model) =
| synchronizedThing <- invert(model.modifiers)[synchronized()]
set[Message] aTaxi_no_synchronized_block(M3 model, set[Declaration] ast) =
set[Message] aTaxi_no_synchronized_block(M3 _, set[Declaration] ast) =
{ error("synchronized should not be used in this assignment", m.decl)
| /m:method(_,_,_,_,/synchronizedStatement(_,_)) <- ast
\ No newline at end of file
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