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# Java Automatic Feedback
Rascal implementation of a simple rule checker for student Java assignments.
## How to run
1. Download the latest rascal-shell-unstable.jar from the rascal website and
put it next to the script
1. Run the script
$ ./ <two-digit-assignment-nr> <absolute-path-to-student-project>
For example
$ ./ 02 /home/mkl/radboud/teaching/object-orientation/oo-grad
ing-2019/assignment02/thout/70827-16116\ -\ Asgn\ CS\ Group\ 125\ -\ Jordy\ Schoolmeesters\ -\ Feb\ 10\,
\ 2019\ 22_55/
Version: 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT
error("All I/O should happen in the view class",|java+class:///a2/Gallows|)
error("Always explicitly specify access modifiers: public, protected, or private",|java+field:///a2/User
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