Commit cf2c83ee authored by Markus Klinik's avatar Markus Klinik
Browse files use subshell to generate import statements

parent 9ef48479
......@@ -6,11 +6,8 @@ RASCAL_JAR=$(readlink -f rascal-shell-unstable.jar)
cd src
# generate import statements for all files named *Spec.rsc
function mkTestRunner()
ls *Spec.rsc | sed "s/\(.*\).rsc/import \1;/"
( ls *Spec.rsc | sed "s/\(.*\).rsc/import \1;/"
echo ":test"
) |\
# pipe the import statements to the rascal shell
mkTestRunner | java -jar $RASCAL_JAR
java -jar $RASCAL_JAR
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