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......@@ -18,3 +18,23 @@ Rascal implementation of a simple rule checker for student Java assignments.
Version: 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT
error("All I/O should happen in the view class",|java+class:///a2/Gallows|)
error("Always explicitly specify access modifiers: public, protected, or private",|java+field:///a2/User/input|)
## Running the test cases
There are some test projects and test cases to check that the rules give
correct error messages. To run the tests, use the test script. The test script
looks for all files `*Spec.rsc` and executes them
$ ./
To run only specific files, specify them on the command line.
$ ./ Assignment02RulesSpec.rsc Assignment03RulesSpec.rsc
## References
- Rascal official website
- Rascal github
- Rascal documentation
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