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      add the trivial hoare triple rules · d1ce44c2
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      refactor proof rules and use them to prove examples · 27638c50
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      the proof rules definitions were ok but to actually use
      them effectively and have the eauto or eapply instance the correct
      parts for us we have to refactor them so that we can specify the
      interesting parts of our goals ourself and have eauto pick up for us
      As an example in the context proof rule reordering from
      Lemma hoare_ctxS E P P' e Q v
      Lemma hoare_ctxS E P' P e Q v
      makes it possible for us to specify both the context we want
      to use and the intermediate heap P' while having eauto fill out
      P e Q v for us
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      prove alloc rule · c99f9661
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