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Basic outline of .toml documents

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# Contains information regarding the history of an animal
# i.e. its origin, birth date, acclimatisation, surgeries,
# implants, weight development and other procedures like
# experiments, behavioral anomalies, health issues etc...
id = m000x
dob = 1979-01-27 # RFC 3339 date
vendor = CR
# facility
facility = TNU
isolated = 1979-05-20
# weight in grams
1979-05-27 = 27.1
1979-05-28 = 27.4
# Contains information on the processing steps taken.
processed = false
documented = false
# list of checks done and the result
# Contains information on a single recording
# Most information from the goodle sheet goes here
# Information on which files belong together (i.e. should be treated
# as single file for analysis purposes like spike sorting)
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