Commit 140c4d65 authored by Paul Fiterau Brostean's avatar Paul Fiterau Brostean
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model export to dot

parent 158e9d26
import sys
from model import *
from model.fa import IOTransition
from model.ra import RATransition, IORATransition
__all__ = [
sep = "_"
def w_state(automaton : Automaton, state):
if isinstance(automaton, Acceptor):
return sep.join(state, str(automaton.is_accepting(state)))
return state
def w_trans(automaton:Automaton, trans : Transition):
input_elements = [str(trans.start_label)]
if isinstance(trans, RATransition):
input_elements.extend([str(trans.guard), str(trans.assignment)])
input_label = sep.join(input_elements)
output_elements = []
if isinstance(automaton, Acceptor):
elif isinstance(trans, IOTransition):
elif isinstance(trans, IORATransition):
map(lambda x:str(x), [trans.output_label, trans.output_mapping, trans.output_assignment]))
output_label = sep.join(output_elements)
return '{0} -> {1} [label="{2}/{3}"]'.format( w_state(automaton, trans.start_state),
w_state(automaton, trans.end_state),
def to_dot (automaton:Automaton, file_name:str):
"""For an automaton produces a .dot representation"""
f = open(file_name, 'w') if file_name is not None else sys.stdout
print('digraph g {\n', file=f)
for state in automaton.states():
print('\t%s;' % w_state(automaton,state), file=f)
for state in automaton.states():
for trans in automaton.transitions(state):
print("\t%s;" % w_trans(automaton, trans), file=f)
print('}', file=f)
if file_name is not None:
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