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DFA encoding

parent 49f05eb4
......@@ -41,6 +41,15 @@ class MealyMachine(FSM):
mealy = builder.build_mealy(model)
return mealy
class Mapper(object):
def __init__(self, fa):
self.Element = z3.DeclareSort('Element')
self.start = self.element(0) = z3.Function('map', self.Element, fa.Location)
def element(self, name):
return z3.Const("n"+str(name), self.Element)
class MealyMachineBuilder(object):
def __init__(self, mm : MealyMachine):
import itertools
from define.fa import DFA, MealyMachine, Mapper
from encode import Encoder
from utils import Tree
from model.fa import MealyMachine
import z3
class DFAEncoder(Encoder):
def __init__(self, labels):
self.tree = Tree(itertools.count(0))
self.cache = {}
self.labels = set()
def add(self, trace):
seq, accept = trace
node = self.tree[seq]
self.cache[node] = accept
def build(self, num_states):
dfa = DFA(self.labels, num_states)
mapper = Mapper(dfa)
constraints = self.axioms(dfa, mapper)
constraints += self.node_constraints(dfa, mapper)
constraints += self.transition_constraints(dfa, mapper)
return dfa, constraints
def axioms(self, dfa: DFA, mapper: Mapper):
return []
def node_constraints(self, dfa, mapper):
constraints = []
for node, accept in self.cache:
n = mapper.element(
constraints.append(dfa.output( == accept)
return constraints
def transition_constraints(self, dfa, mapper):
constraints = [dfa.start ==]
for node, label, child in self.tree.transitions():
n = mapper.element(
l = dfa.labels[label]
c = mapper.element(
constraints.append(dfa.transition(, l) ==
return constraints
class MealyEncoder(Encoder):
def __init__(self, input_labels, output_labels):
self.tree = Tree(itertools.count(0))
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