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DFA encoding

parent 49f05eb4
...@@ -41,6 +41,15 @@ class MealyMachine(FSM): ...@@ -41,6 +41,15 @@ class MealyMachine(FSM):
mealy = builder.build_mealy(model) mealy = builder.build_mealy(model)
return mealy return mealy
class Mapper(object):
def __init__(self, fa):
self.Element = z3.DeclareSort('Element')
self.start = self.element(0) = z3.Function('map', self.Element, fa.Location)
def element(self, name):
return z3.Const("n"+str(name), self.Element)
class MealyMachineBuilder(object): class MealyMachineBuilder(object):
def __init__(self, mm : MealyMachine): def __init__(self, mm : MealyMachine):
import itertools import itertools
from define.fa import DFA, MealyMachine, Mapper
from encode import Encoder from encode import Encoder
from utils import Tree from utils import Tree
from model.fa import MealyMachine from model.fa import MealyMachine
import z3 import z3
class DFAEncoder(Encoder):
def __init__(self, labels):
self.tree = Tree(itertools.count(0))
self.cache = {}
self.labels = set()
def add(self, trace):
seq, accept = trace
node = self.tree[seq]
self.cache[node] = accept
def build(self, num_states):
dfa = DFA(self.labels, num_states)
mapper = Mapper(dfa)
constraints = self.axioms(dfa, mapper)
constraints += self.node_constraints(dfa, mapper)
constraints += self.transition_constraints(dfa, mapper)
return dfa, constraints
def axioms(self, dfa: DFA, mapper: Mapper):
return []
def node_constraints(self, dfa, mapper):
constraints = []
for node, accept in self.cache:
n = mapper.element(
constraints.append(dfa.output( == accept)
return constraints
def transition_constraints(self, dfa, mapper):
constraints = [dfa.start ==]
for node, label, child in self.tree.transitions():
n = mapper.element(
l = dfa.labels[label]
c = mapper.element(
constraints.append(dfa.transition(, l) ==
return constraints
class MealyEncoder(Encoder): class MealyEncoder(Encoder):
def __init__(self, input_labels, output_labels): def __init__(self, input_labels, output_labels):
self.tree = Tree(itertools.count(0)) self.tree = Tree(itertools.count(0))
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