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Generation/stack sul.

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from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from typing import List
import collections
from model.ra import Action
class SUT(metaclass=ABCMeta):
OK = "OK"
def run(self, seq:List[object]):
"""Runs a sequence of inputs on the SUT and returns an observation"""
def input_interface(self) -> List[object]:
"""Runs the list of inputs or input signatures comprising the input interface"""
ActionSignature = collections.namedtuple("ActionSignature", ('label', 'num_params'))
class ObjectSUT(SUT):
"""Wraps a"""
def __init__(self, act_sigs, obj_gen):
self.obj_gen = obj_gen
self.acts = {act_sig.label:act_sig for act_sig in act_sigs}
def run(self, seq:List[object]):
obj = self.obj_gen()
values = set()
out_seq = []
for (label, val) in seq:
meth = obj.__getattribute__(label)
if self.acts[label].num_params == 0:
outp = meth()
outp = meth(val)
outp_action = self.parse_out(outp)
out_seq[:-1] = outp_action
return list(zip(seq, out_seq))
def parse_out(self, outp) -> Action:
fresh = None
if isinstance(outp, bool):
return Action(str(outp), fresh)
if isinstance(outp, str):
return Action(outp, fresh)
if isinstance(outp, int):
return ("int", outp)
if isinstance(outp, tuple) and len(outp) == 2:
(lbl, val) = outp
if isinstance(val, int) and isinstance(lbl, str):
return outp
raise Exception("Cannot process output")
def input_interface(self) -> List[ActionSignature]:
return list(self.acts.values())
\ No newline at end of file
from sut import SUT, ObjectSUT, ActionSignature
class Stack():
INTERFACE = [ActionSignature("get", 0), ActionSignature("put", 1)]
def __init__(self, size):
self.size = size
self.list = list()
def get(self):
if len(self.list) == 0:
return SUT.OK
return ("OGET", self.list.pop())
def put(self, val):
if len(self.list) < self.size:
return SUT.OK
return SUT.NOK
def new_stack_sul(size):
return ObjectSUT(lambda : Stack(size), Stack.INTERFACE)
import itertools
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
import collections
from typing import List
import itertools
from model import Automaton, Acceptor
from model.fa import MealyMachine
from model.ra import IORegisterAutomaton, Action
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from typing import List
from sut import SUT, ActionSignature
# class RAObservation():
# def __init__(self, trace):
# self.trace = trace
# def values(self):
# for
class ObservationGeneration(metaclass=ABCMeta):
def generate_observations(self, max_depth) -> List[object]:
class ExhaustiveRAGenerator(ObservationGeneration):
def __init__(self, sut:SUT, act_sigs:List[ActionSignature]):
self.sut = sut
self.act_sigs = act_sigs
for sig in act_sigs:
if sig.num_params > 1:
raise Exception("This generator assumes at most one parameter per action")
def generate_observations(self, max_depth, max_registers=3) -> List[list]:
return self._generate_observations([0,[]], 0, max_depth, max_registers)
def _generate_observations(self, prev_obs, crt_depth, max_depth, max_values):
if crt_depth > max_depth:
return []
new_obs = []
for (num_val, obs) in prev_obs:
for act_sig in self.act_sigs:
label = act_sig.label
if act_sig.num_params == 1:
for i in range(0, max(num_val, max_values)):
seq = [inp for (inp, _) in obs]
seq.append((label, i))
new_obs[:-1] = (max(num_val, i),
seq = [inp for (inp, _) in obs]
seq = seq.append((label, None))
new_obs[:-1] = (num_val,
if crt_depth < max_depth:
new_obs.extend(self._generate_observations(new_obs, crt_depth+1, max_depth, max_values))
return new_obs
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