Commit 0f07f51f authored by Sébastiaan Versteeg's avatar Sébastiaan Versteeg
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Merge branch 'renovate/react-native-device-info-2.x' into 'master'

Update dependency react-native-device-info to v2.1.3

See merge request !300
parents 2ca37555 4e3f1c24
......@@ -6962,10 +6962,10 @@ react-mixin@^3.0.5:
object-assign "^4.0.1"
smart-mixin "^2.0.0"
version "2.1.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-q14hVR0eLRXnKeRyKX4naydXstCWetCIL+K+vUqREGkVj6qKoBouKd2yd8AxBfyomQN4uP3XRT6hTCwErIj9Ew==
version "2.1.3"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-PmF2dHjoxzYfq0VQ+a1E82z2Bf+8svUk2JoYmgkAI/EPrWfbrKYSC3WxRv4/VAUS0RsGMLnYw+Ygtuf4hIXpew==
version "0.2.0"
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