Commit 68e58611 authored by Sébastiaan Versteeg's avatar Sébastiaan Versteeg
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Merge branch 'renovate/react-i18next-10.x' into 'master'

Update dependency react-i18next to v10.12.2

See merge request !366
parents 37b4c3cd 032545c0
......@@ -7750,10 +7750,10 @@ react-devtools-core@^3.6.0:
shell-quote "^1.6.1"
ws "^3.3.1"
version "10.11.5"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-+LXYehLGWbOzM4on9pgeCMTmo7J24Pm2rio4S8OSVdYudUKxLSYzoMDgJect0SQbTlIiK6b6+OTgTGY4YKPECw==
version "10.12.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-tZCBhUz8rJtgmTi1z2pWEoQBvFHjwOS2+TQ7L4RfJq1LDirXi2m+3Pwg6gUECVCGenWomLufWNiTwRF9fmBrUQ==
"@babel/runtime" "^7.3.1"
html-parse-stringify2 "2.0.1"
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