Commit 8a5e2dc3 authored by Sébastiaan Versteeg's avatar Sébastiaan Versteeg
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Merge branch 'renovate/react-native-share-1.x' into 'master'

Update dependency react-native-share to v1.2.1

See merge request !257
parents 94fbf0e7 2c202591
......@@ -7066,10 +7066,10 @@ react-native-sentry@0.43.1:
"@sentry/wizard" "^0.13.0"
raven-js "^3.27.1"
version "1.2.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-lmu04YkeJKA51Ghw0Dd7O7VYIxotI6iFLsq+ufRbPFCpgnbBO6QKltmA8JprBnpEDtx6txNoFWGcK56J687Y3Q==
version "1.2.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-V9q1FM+LuYJ65qN3k6BLWs17mIbJCzGyMOhF3rb4MIQXdJfCUbtkDX9aaV86PzcsL1EudCA53HVTJBmWPDed0Q==
version "0.5.5"
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