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Commit e6fe811d authored by Wietse Kuipers's avatar Wietse Kuipers

Merge branch 'better_ci' into 'master'

Switch to docker image with yarn installe + Add coverage badges

See merge request !2
parents 17561112 27b98bce
image: node:latest
untracked: true
- node_modules/
- latest.tar.gz
image: kkarczmarczyk/node-yarn:latest
- wget -N https://yarnpkg.com/latest.tar.gz
- tar zxf latest.tar.gz
- mv dist /opt/
- export PATH="/opt/dist/bin:$PATH"
- yarn config set cache-folder .cache
- yarn install
[![build status](https://gitlab.science.ru.nl/thalia/ThaliApp-react/badges/master/build.svg)](https://gitlab.science.ru.nl/thalia/ThaliApp-react/commits/master)
[![coverage report](https://gitlab.science.ru.nl/thalia/ThaliApp-react/badges/master/coverage.svg)](https://gitlab.science.ru.nl/thalia/ThaliApp-react/commits/master)
New and improved ThaliApp
# Installation
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