Commit 03fe4cf7 authored by Joren Vrancken's avatar Joren Vrancken Committed by Sébastiaan Versteeg
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Events and field tables

parent 0d680f09
import os
import sys
import re
import json
import requests
import events.models as events_models
from django.conf import settings
from datetime import datetime
from import BaseCommand
......@@ -34,32 +34,42 @@ class Command(BaseCommand):
print('[!]No json data found')
fields_translations = {
event_fields_translations = {
# name in data : name in model
'id': 'id',
'title': 'title',
'description': 'description',
'start': '',
'end': '',
'location': 'location',
'start_date': 'start',
'end_date': 'end',
'member_price': 'price',
'thalia_costs': 'cost',
'registration_limit': 'max_participants',
'public': 'published',
'begin_registration': 'registration_start',
'end_registration': 'registration_end',
'end_cancel': 'cancel_deadline',
'registration_not_needed_message': 'no_registration_message',
for concrete_field in fields_translations:
for event_data in data['events']:
new_event = events_models.Event()
# Not in data: map_location, organiser
# In data but not Model: needs_registration
# Event
for event_data in data['events']:
django_field = fields_translations[concrete_field]
new_event = events_models.Event()
if django_field in ('title', 'description'):
concrete_data = event_data[concrete_field]
for concrete_field in event_fields_translations:
elif django_field in ('start', 'end'):
django_field = event_fields_translations[concrete_field]
concrete_data = datetime.strptime(event_data[concrete_field], '')
concrete_data = event_data[concrete_field]
if not hasattr(new_event, django_field):
for language_code in [language[0] for language in settings.LANGUAGES]:
# MultilingualField
if django_field in ('title', 'description', 'location', 'no_registration_message'):
for language_code in ('en', 'nl'):
django_multilangiualfield = '{}_{}'.format(django_field, language_code)
if not hasattr(new_event, django_multilangiualfield):
......@@ -67,10 +77,48 @@ class Command(BaseCommand):
setattr(new_event, django_multilangiualfield, concrete_data)
setattr(new_event, django_field, concrete_data)
# DateTimeField
elif django_field in ('start', 'end', 'begin_registration', 'end_registration', 'end_cancel'):
setattr(new_event, django_field, datetime.strptime(concrete_data, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'))
# DecimalField
elif django_field in ('price', 'cost'):
if re.match(r'[-+]?\d*\.?\d+$', concrete_data):
setattr(new_event, django_field, float(concrete_data))
setattr(new_event, django_field, 0)
# PositiveSmallIntegerField
elif django_field == 'registration_limit':
setattr(new_event, django_field, int(concrete_data))
elif django_field == 'published':
setattr(new_event, django_field, bool(int(concrete_data)))
# RegistrationInformationField
# TODO: RegistrationInformationField and MultiLingualField
for field_data in data['extra_fields']:
new_registration_information_field = events_models.RegistrationInformationField()
event_id = field_data['activity_id']
new_registration_information_field.event = events_models.Event().get(id=event_id)
data_types = {
'0': 'charfield',
'1': 'intfield',
'2': 'checkbox',
new_registration_information_field.type = data_types[field_data['data_type']] = field_data['field_name']
new_registration_information_field.description = field_data['field_explanation']
# Registration
# for event_data in data['registrations']
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