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Merge branch 'feature/documents-documentation' into 'master'

Add documentation to the documents package

Closes #573

See merge request !811
parents a724a226 857f7efa
......@@ -32,6 +32,14 @@ documents\.apps module
documents\.forms module
.. automodule:: documents.forms
documents\.models module
from django import forms
"""Registers admin interfaces for the documents module"""
from django.contrib import admin
from documents.forms import GeneralMeetingForm
from documents.models import (AnnualDocument, AssociationDocument,
GeneralMeeting, Minutes,
......@@ -8,22 +9,14 @@ from utils.translation import TranslatedModelAdmin
class MinutesInline(admin.StackedInline):
"""Inline for minutes of a general meeting"""
model = Minutes
fields = ('file_nl', 'file_en', 'members_only',)
class GeneralMeetingForm(forms.ModelForm):
class Meta:
model = GeneralMeeting
exclude = ()
widgets = {
'documents': admin.widgets.FilteredSelectMultiple(
'documents', is_stacked=False)
class GeneralMeetingAdmin(TranslatedModelAdmin):
"""Manage the general meetings"""
form = GeneralMeetingForm
inlines = [
......@@ -33,17 +26,20 @@ class GeneralMeetingAdmin(TranslatedModelAdmin):
class AnnualDocument(TranslatedModelAdmin):
"""Manage the annual documents"""
fields = ('file', 'subcategory', 'year', 'members_only',)
list_filter = ('year', 'created', 'last_updated',)
class AssociationDocumentAdmin(TranslatedModelAdmin):
"""Manage the association documents"""
fields = ('name', 'file', 'members_only',)
list_filter = ('created', 'last_updated',)
class MiscellaneousDocumentAdmin(TranslatedModelAdmin):
"""Manage the miscellaneous documents"""
fields = ('name', 'file', 'members_only',)
list_filter = ('created', 'last_updated',)
"""The forms defined by the documents package"""
from django import forms
from django.contrib import admin
from documents.models import GeneralMeeting
class GeneralMeetingForm(forms.ModelForm):
"""Custom form for general meetings with a custom widget for documents"""
class Meta:
model = GeneralMeeting
exclude = ()
widgets = {
'documents': admin.widgets.FilteredSelectMultiple(
'documents', is_stacked=False)
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ from utils.validators import validate_file_extension
class Document(models.Model, metaclass=ModelTranslateMeta):
"""Describes a base document"""
class Meta:
verbose_name = _('Document')
verbose_name_plural = _('Documents')
......@@ -59,6 +60,7 @@ class Document(models.Model, metaclass=ModelTranslateMeta):
class AnnualDocument(Document):
"""Describes an annual document"""
class Meta:
verbose_name = _('Annual document')
verbose_name_plural = _('Annual documents')
......@@ -97,11 +99,13 @@ class AnnualDocument(Document):
class AssociationDocumentManager(models.Manager):
"""Custom manager to filter for association documents"""
def get_queryset(self):
return super().get_queryset().filter(category='association')
class AssociationDocument(Document):
"""Describes an association document"""
class Meta:
verbose_name = _('Miscellaneous association document')
verbose_name_plural = _('Miscellaneous association documents')
......@@ -115,11 +119,13 @@ class AssociationDocument(Document):
class MiscellaneousDocumentManager(models.Manager):
"""Custom manager to filter for misc documents"""
def get_queryset(self):
return super().get_queryset().filter(category='misc')
class MiscellaneousDocument(Document):
"""Describes a miscellaneous document"""
class Meta:
verbose_name = _('Miscellaneous document')
verbose_name_plural = _('Miscellaneous documents')
......@@ -133,6 +139,7 @@ class MiscellaneousDocument(Document):
class GeneralMeeting(models.Model, metaclass=ModelTranslateMeta):
"""Describes a general meeting"""
class Meta:
verbose_name = _('General meeting')
verbose_name_plural = _('General meetings')
......@@ -159,6 +166,7 @@ class GeneralMeeting(models.Model, metaclass=ModelTranslateMeta):
class Minutes(Document):
"""Describes a minutes document"""
class Meta:
verbose_name = _('Minutes')
verbose_name_plural = _('Minutes')
"""The sitemaps defined by the documents package"""
from django.contrib import sitemaps
from django.urls import reverse
......@@ -5,6 +6,7 @@ from . import models
class StaticViewSitemap(sitemaps.Sitemap):
"""Sitemap for the static pages"""
priority = 0.5
changefreq = 'daily'
......@@ -16,6 +18,7 @@ class StaticViewSitemap(sitemaps.Sitemap):
class MiscellaneousDocumentsSitemap(sitemaps.Sitemap):
"""Sitemap for misc documents"""
def items(self):
return models.MiscellaneousDocument.objects.exclude(members_only=True)
from django.conf.urls import include, url
"""The routes defined by the documents package"""
from django.conf.urls import url
from . import views
"""Views provided by the documents package"""
import os
from django.conf import settings
......@@ -13,6 +14,11 @@ from utils.snippets import datetime_to_lectureyear
def index(request):
View that renders the documents index page
:param request: the request object
:return: HttpResponse 200 containing the page HTML
lectureyear = datetime_to_lectureyear(
years = {x: {} for x in range(1990, lectureyear + 1)}
......@@ -46,6 +52,13 @@ def index(request):
# TODO verify if we need to check a permission instead.
# This depends on how we're dealing with ex-members.
def get_document(request, pk):
View that allows you to download a specific document based on it's and your
permissions settings
:param request: the request object
:param pk: primary key of the document
:return: either a 302 redirect to the login page or a 200 with the document
document = get_object_or_404(Document, pk=int(pk))
if document.members_only and not request.user.is_authenticated:
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