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Also accept positional verbose_name arguments

parent bc89c738
from django.db import models
from django.db.models.fields.related import RelatedField
from django.conf import settings
class MultilingualField(object):
def __init__(self, cls, *args, **kwargs):
if issubclass(cls, RelatedField):
# Especially naming the reverses gets quite messy for these.
# TODO consider implementing this when there is a need for it.
raise NotImplementedError("RelatedFields are not translatable.")
self.cls = cls
self.args = args
self.kwargs = kwargs
......@@ -15,13 +20,23 @@ class ModelTranslateMeta(models.base.ModelBase):
def __new__(cls, name, bases, dct):
for attr, field in list(dct.items()):
if isinstance(field, MultilingualField):
verbose_name_base = field.kwargs.get('verbose_name', None)
# ForeignKey, OneToOneField and ManyToManyField do not have
# a verbose name as first positional argument.
# But those are not translatable (see above).
if len(field.args) > 0:
verbose_base = ('args', field.args[0])
verbose_base = ('kwargs', field.kwargs.get('verbose_name',
for lang in settings.LANGUAGES:
attr_i18n = attr + '_' + lang[0]
if verbose_name_base is not None:
field.kwargs['verbose_name'] = '{} ({})'.format(
if verbose_base is not None:
verbose_name = '{} ({})'.format(verbose_base[1],
if verbose_base[0] == 'args':
field.args = (verbose_name,) + field.args[1:]
field.kwargs['verbose_name'] = verbose_name
dct[attr_i18n] = field.cls(*field.args, **field.kwargs)
del dct[attr]
return super(ModelTranslateMeta, cls).__new__(cls, name, bases, dct)
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