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Update translation howto in README

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......@@ -69,10 +69,12 @@ Make sure to use British English.
To create translations for your app:
1. `./ makemessages <appname>`
2. This will create or update the files under `<appname>/locale/`.
3. Use poedit (or your favourite tool -- please do not use a plain text editor since those cannot handle all the subtleties) to fix the translations.
4. `./ compilemessages`
1. `cd` into the application's directory
2. `../ makemessages --locale nl`
3. This creates or updates `locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/django.po`
4. Start poedit by calling `poedit locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/django.po`
5. `../ compilemessages` (should happen automatically when saving the file in poedit)
6. Commit both the `.po` and `.mo` file to the repository
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