Unverified Commit 4305b82f authored by Thom Wiggers's avatar Thom Wiggers 📐
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Fix displaying membership type in template

parent b3b76c48
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
<hr class="separator">
<h4>{% trans "Personal information" %}</h4>
<ul class="post-meta">
<li><span>{% trans "Membership type" %}: </span> {{ member_type }}<br></li>
<li><span>{% trans "Membership type" %}: </span> {{ membership_type }}<br></li>
<li><span>{% trans "Cohort" %}: </span> {{ member.starting_year }}<br></li>
<li><span>{% trans "Study programme" %}: </span> {{ member.get_programme_display }}<br></li>
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