Commit 4a1b0843 authored by Gijs Hendriksen's avatar Gijs Hendriksen
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Added deadline for unsubscribing from events

parent c48634b3
from django.utils import timezone
from django.utils.timezone import datetime
from import legacylogin
from events.models import Event
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import requests
import os
import re
class Command(legacylogin.Command):
help = "Scrapes the events from the old Thalia website"
def handle(self, *args, **options):
super().handle(*args, **options)
if Event.objects.count() != 0:
print("This command should only be executed when there are no events yet.")
url = ""
documentpage = self.session.get(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(documentpage.text, 'lxml')
for form in soup.find_all('form'):
eventid = int(form.input['value'])
eventurl = "{}".format(eventid)
soup = BeautifulSoup(self.session.get(eventurl).text, 'lxml')
event = Event() = eventid
event.title = soup.find(id='title')['value']
event.description = soup.find(id='description').text
times = [int(el['value']) for el in soup.find_all(selected=True)]
# TODO: Make this better!
dates = {}
for date_type in ('begin_registration_dt',
script_tag = soup.find('script', text=lambda match: date_type in match)
if script_tag:
# TODO: Please dont hate me for this regex
match ='{}[\s\S]+new Date\((\d{{4}}), (\d{{1,2}}) - 1, (\d{{1,2}})\)\)'.format(date_type), script_tag.text)
year =
month =
day =
dates[date_type] = '{}-{}-{}'.format(year, month, day)
event.start = '{} {}:{}'.format(dates['start_date_dt'], times.pop(0), times.pop(0))
event.end = '{} {}:{}'.format(dates['end_date_dt'], times.pop(0), times.pop(0))
event.registration_start = '{} {}:{}'.format(dates['begin_registration_dt'], times.pop(0), times.pop(0))
event.registration_end = '{} {}:{}'.format(dates[''], times.pop(0), times.pop(0))
canceldate = soup.find(id='end_cancel_dt')
event.cancel_deadline = '{} {}:{}'.format(canceldate, times.pop(0), times.pop(0))
event.location = soup.find(id='location')['value']
event.price = float(soup.find(id='member_price')['value'])
event.cost = float(soup.find(id='thalia_costs')['value'])
event.max_participants = int(soup.find(id='registration_limit')['value'])
event.published = form.a.span.text == 'Ja'
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