Commit 4bb6a802 authored by Jelle Besseling's avatar Jelle Besseling
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Merge branch 'fix/events-payment-csv-export' into 'master'

Fix events payment status export in csv

Closes #870

See merge request !1246
parents 1a71d516 3ed23064
......@@ -174,10 +174,8 @@ class EventRegistrationsExport(View, PermissionRequiredMixin):
_('Date cancelled'): cancelled,
if event.price > 0:
if registration.payment == registration.PAYMENT_CASH:
data[_('Paid')] = _('Cash')
elif registration.payment == registration.PAYMENT_CARD:
data[_('Paid')] = _('Pin')
if registration.is_paid():
data[_('Paid')] = registration.payment.get_type_display()
data[_('Paid')] = _('No')
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