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Fix message and arguments

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......@@ -81,16 +81,18 @@ def send_expiration_announcement(dry_run=False):
with mail.get_connection() as connection:
for member in members:
print("Send email to {} ({})".format(member.get_full_name(),
with translation.override(member.language):
email_body = loader.render_to_string(
{'member': member})
{'name': member.get_full_name()})
_('Membership expiration announcement'),
{% load i18n %}{% blocktrans %}Dear {{ member.full_name }},
{% load i18n %}{% blocktrans %}Dear {{ name }},
The past year you've been a member or benificiary of Study Association Thalia.
You've not given us permission to prolong it automatically, thus your membership will
......@@ -10,13 +10,10 @@ our exam collection and a symposium. Come by the board room and we'll help you
to extend your membership.
Are you not able to come by? Then just send us an email:
Ook op een later moment kun je je nog inschrijven, neem dan even contact op met
het bestuur om te bespreken wat een handig moment is. Mail hiervoor naar
With kind regards,
The board of Study Association Thalia
P.S. It's possible that you've already renewed your membership and that it hasn't been processed yet.
If that's the case then you don't need to do anything.{% endblocktrans %}g
If that's the case then you don't need to do anything.{% endblocktrans %}
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