Commit 572122b6 authored by Luuk Scholten's avatar Luuk Scholten Committed by Sébastiaan Versteeg
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Fix attendee view events

- Correct image for non-members
- Only show members which have not cancelled
parent 7b1b9d52
......@@ -217,7 +217,9 @@
{% if registration.is_external %}
<a href="#">
<div class="post-inner">
<div class="inner-img">{% static "members/images/default-avatar.jpg" %}</div>
<div class="inner-img">
<img src="{% static "members/images/default-avatar.jpg" %}">
<div class="post-overlay">
<div class="post-overlay-meta">
<h2>{{ }}</h2>
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ def event(request, event_id):
registrations = event.registration_set.all()
registrations = event.registration_set.filter(date_cancelled=None)
context = {
'event': event,
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