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Expand accessor test for multilingualfields

parent f6d755d9
......@@ -79,12 +79,27 @@ class TestTranslateMeta(TestCase):
with self.assertRaises(AttributeError):
TestItem6().text = 'text' # Should not be able to set
# but accessing individual language fields should work
x = TestItem6()
x.text_nl = 'tekst'
x.text_en = 'text'
def test_accessor(self):
class TestItem7(models.Model, metaclass=ModelTranslateMeta):
text = MultilingualField(models.TextField, default='text')
text = MultilingualField(models.TextField)
x = TestItem7()
x.text_nl = "Hier staat tekst"
x.text_en = "Here's some text"
self.assertEqual(x.text_nl, "Hier staat tekst")
self.assertEqual(x.text_en, "Here's some text")
with translation.override('nl'):
self.assertEqual(TestItem7().text, TestItem7().text_nl)
self.assertEqual(x.text, "Hier staat tekst")
with translation.override('en'):
self.assertEqual(x.text, "Here's some text")
def test_shadowing(self):
with self.assertRaises(FieldError):
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