Commit 63fa42e1 authored by Milan van Stiphout's avatar Milan van Stiphout
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Removed unnecessary line in

parents 283a41d7 51567c5d
......@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@ def committee_detail(request, id):
def board_index(request):
current_year = datetime_to_lectureyear(
board = get_object_or_404(Board, since__year=current_year, until__year=current_year+1)
board = get_object_or_404(
Board, since__year=current_year, until__year=current_year+1)
old_boards = Board.objects.all().exclude(
return render(request,
......@@ -70,4 +71,3 @@ def board_detail(request, since, until=None):
return render(request, 'activemembers/board_detail.html',
{'board': board,
'members': members})
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