Commit 78c3fe34 authored by Luuk Scholten's avatar Luuk Scholten
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Merge branch 'fix/change-len-to-count' into 'release/1.0.0'

Change len() to .count() for check

Minder SQL uitvoerdinges

See merge request !208
parents 35dfed07 38b4e16e
......@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ def registration(request, event_id, action=None):
if (obj is not None and
obj.date_cancelled is None):
if (event.max_participants is not None and
len(Registration.objects.filter(event=event)) >=
Registration.objects.filter(event=event).count() >=
# Prepare email to send to the first person on the waiting
# list
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