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Want docker.

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......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ New new Thalia website, now with extra Django.
Getting started
If you use Docker, please look at [this part](#docker) of the README.
0. Get at least Python 3.4 and install the Pillow requirements as per below.
1. Clone this repository
2. Run `source ./` (or use your own favourite virtualenv solution)
......@@ -64,3 +66,18 @@ To create translations for your app:
2. Dit zou bestanden onder `<appnaam>/locale/` aangemaakt of bijgewerkt moeten hebben.
3. Gebruik poedit (of je favoriete tool -- liever niet een simpele texteditor want die kan niet met alle subtiliteiten omgaan) om de vertaling te fixen.
4. `./ compilemessages`
First run with Docker:
1. `docker-compose up -d`
2. `docker-compose run web migrate`
3. `docker-compose run web createsuperuser`
Step 1. may take a while since `docker-compose` needs to retrieve all dependencies
and build the Docker images. Step 2. creates the necessary tables and step 3.
creates a superuser, as the command implies.
After step 3. you can access the Thalia website locally through http://localhost:8000/
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