Unverified Commit abbec820 authored by Joost Rijneveld's avatar Joost Rijneveld
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Fix tests: do not randomly access queryset

The previous commits added ordering to Members, but this ordering is
not necessarily unique. Because of this, postgres does not allow for
random access in a predictable way for the resulting queryset.
parent 9de12563
......@@ -162,27 +162,30 @@ class StatisticsTest(TestCase):
member_types = ["member", "supporter", "honorary"]
current_year = date.today().year
# postgres does not define random access directly on unsorted querysets
members = [member for member in Member.objects.all()]
# one first year student
m = Member.objects.all()[0]
m = members[0]
m.starting_year = current_year
# one second year student
m = Member.objects.all()[1]
m = members[1]
m.starting_year = current_year - 1
# no third year students
# one fourth year student
m = Member.objects.all()[2]
m = members[2]
m.starting_year = current_year - 3
# no fifth year students
# one >5 year student
m = Member.objects.all()[3]
m = members[3]
m.starting_year = current_year - 5
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