Verified Commit b61db16d authored by Sébastiaan Versteeg's avatar Sébastiaan Versteeg
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Add membership type to payment notes

parent 23b79eb4
......@@ -172,12 +172,12 @@ def _create_payment_for_entry(entry):
:rtype: Payment
amount = settings.MEMBERSHIP_PRICES[entry.length]
notes = 'Membership registration'
notes = f'Membership registration. {entry.get_membership_type_display()}.'
renewal = entry.renewal
membership = renewal.member.latest_membership
notes = 'Membership renewal'
notes = f'Membership renewal. {entry.get_membership_type_display()}.'
# Having a latest membership which has an until date implies that this
# membership lasts/lasted till the end of the lecture year
# This means it's possible to renew the 'year' membership
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