Commit cf748391 authored by Luuk Scholten's avatar Luuk Scholten
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Merge branch '361-postgres_db-setting-not-respected' into 'master'

Fix production settings application

Closes #361

See merge request !414
parents 4e82797d 34ce276a
......@@ -41,14 +41,10 @@ if 'DJANGO_HOSTS' in os.environ:
'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql',
'NAME': os.environ.get('POSTGRES_USER'),
'USER': 'postgres',
'DATABASE': os.environ.get('POSTGRES_DB'),
'USER': os.environ.get('POSTGRES_USER', 'postgres'),
'NAME': os.environ.get('POSTGRES_DB'),
'HOST': os.environ.get('DJANGO_POSTGRES_HOST'),
'PORT': 5432,
'TEST': {
'NAME': 'thaliatest',
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