Commit d91055a0 authored by Joost Rijneveld's avatar Joost Rijneveld
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Merge branch 'hotfix/mailinglist-key' into 'master'

Fix mailinglist apihash

See merge request !567
parents b6402af4 d7e4b1e4
......@@ -15,5 +15,5 @@ class MailingListPermission(permissions.BasePermission):
if 'secret' in request.GET:
apihash = hashlib.sha1(request.GET['secret']
return apihash == '356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab'
return apihash == 'cb004452d9c80e295bebfc778871b3b082d70ad8'
return False
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