Commit db19b0c5 authored by Wietse Kuipers's avatar Wietse Kuipers

Sort committee memberships by starting date on profile page

parent 974fb1f9
......@@ -105,6 +105,8 @@ def profile(request, pk=None):
'until': membership.until,
'chair': membership.chair
if achievements[name]['earliest'] > membership.since:
achievements[name]['earliest'] = membership.since
achievements[name] = {
'name': name,
......@@ -112,21 +114,23 @@ def profile(request, pk=None):
'since': membership.since,
'until': membership.until,
'chair': membership.chair
'earliest': membership.since,
key=lambda period: period['since'])
mentor_years = member.mentorship_set.all()
for mentor_year in mentor_years:
name = "Mentor in {}".format(mentor_year.year)
# Ensure mentorships appear last but are sorted
earliest =
earliest = earliest.replace(year=earliest.year + mentor_year.year)
if not achievements.get(name):
achievements[name] = {
'name': name
'name': name,
'earliest': earliest,
achievements = sorted(achievements.values(), key=lambda x: x['earliest'])
return render(request, 'members/profile.html',
{'member': member, 'achievements': achievements.values()})
{'member': member, 'achievements': achievements})
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