1. 04 Oct, 2016 1 commit
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      Add education app · 293fc81b
      Jan authored and Sébastiaan Versteeg's avatar Sébastiaan Versteeg committed
      Squashed commits:
      [dd0f830] Use itertools.chain instead of +=
      [9b56e66] Use settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL instead of Member as uploader
      [84246e5] Use generator comprehension
      [1271094] Rename summary_list to year_list
      [02699ea] Preselect course when clicking 'add' in the course view
      [07892ad] Don't use implicit uploader_id, use uploader directly
      [49fe1ee] Change string concat to str format
      [76d7358] Update translations
      [ef0eb57] Use list comprehensions instead of map()
      [51d7d03] unaccept = reject
      [02d945a] Do not change translation util just for the migration script, use activate(lang) instead
      [eea1516] Add localisation
      [6ea4809] Add sitemap for education
      [6aec215] Add actions to admin
      [30c7864] Add forms to add exams and summaries
      [495ebe2] Change submission url
      [6521e3d] Add books page, basic forms and perfect download pages
      [14fcca7] Make some small HTML changes
      [009207f] Finish course view
      [3a32dab] Change urls, translate texts and use absolute urls
      [cc96cec] Rename stylesheet and use compressor, change text-align center
      [56f77b4] Make sure that migrations really work
      [3a18e56] Fix URL in and remove API key from education migration script
      [25ae23c] Fix PEP8
      [4e04316] Fix PEP8
      [3078693] Add education migration script
      [4e337e8] Correct course model translations, admin, ManyToMany relation and verbose_names
      [0bbdd37] - Make categories and courses multilingual
      - Define urls like the other apps
      - Squash migrations
      - Make texts translatable
      [b3cecfb] Make texts translatable
      [7bf745c] Code in pep8 format
      [a434966] Summarries and exams downloadable
      [394a109] Categories and old courses
      [42a1c11] only show exams and summaries when they are accepted
      [b562b6a] Basic page for course
      [125ebb5] First version course overview
      [55c0d06] Dynamic default dates should not be called
      [5215f51] New migrations for education package
      [f6ff3bf] added summaries in education model
      [708bdf7] initial commit for education package
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  9. 22 Sep, 2016 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'feature/statistics' into 'master' · 5c03c9b8
      Joost Rijneveld authored
      Add statistics page, refs #9 now feature equivalence with old website
      Statistiekenpagina met pie charts die ongeveer dezelfde data laten zien als op de oude site. Resolvt #9 in ieder geval voor de feature equivalence milestone, maar zoals @lrijneveld al aangaf zijn er natuurlijk nog veel meer interessante statistieken toe te voegen aan deze pagina.
      See merge request !46
  10. 21 Sep, 2016 11 commits
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