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  11. 29 Nov, 2017 1 commit
    • Sébastiaan Versteeg's avatar
      Add registrations feature · 0d26a638
      Sébastiaan Versteeg authored
      Move members welcome email to emails.py
      Remove BecomeAMemberDocument model
      Add registrations app with models
      Add emails.py and email templates
      Model changes:
      - Remove email_confirmed boolean from Registration model
      - Change default value of Registration model status to 'confirm'
      - Make Registration model email unique
      Add first model tests for Registration
      Write clean() for Registration
      Fix PEP8 errors
      Add init file to tests directory
      Make Membership types constants instead of using the string value everywhere
      Change membership lengths to constants in Entry model
      Mention upgrade behaviour in registrations README
      Use constants in registrations models test
      Use constants for Entry status and fix membership_type argument in models test
      Convert payment types to constants
      Override translation language in registration emails by preferred language
      Add services.py and tests
      Implemented services.py
      Add admin.py, fix docs in services.py and add app to sphinx
      Wrote email contents
      Make Registration email not unique
      Fix call to renewal complete email in services.py
      Add mail outbox assert to test_process_payment
      Fix email formatting and do not completely block payment permissions
      Make welcome mail non-trimmed
      Change model admin changeform and add accept/reject buttons for registration and renewal
      Add process buttons to payment admin and add permissions for reviewing and processing
      Make some changes to the registrations admin (RenewalAdmin now inherits from RegistrationsAdmin) and add some tests
      Add confirmation messages to custom admin calls, and redirect back to change form
      Improve automatic username generation
      Prevent processing payment for member with already active study membership
      Rewrite registrations views to classes
      Add tests for views
      Fix sending confirmation email and related tests
      Send confirmation mail after registration creation
      Change README to reflect new supposed behaviour
      Add frontend views
      Update migration file to reflect model changes
      Update view tests to reflect url changes
      Add tests for forms
      Change birthday field to SelectDateWidget
      Generate username when accepting registration, not when processing payment
      Change README to reflect new rules
      Improve renewal admin
      Move programme and starting year checks to model
      Rename views and form to be member only
      Make changes to model
      Fix typo's and price for renewal
      Fix tests
      Move renewal validation to model instead of form
      Change rules for processing in August
      Update migration
      Make renewal member field not readonly for new obj
      Fix lecture year in test
      Add confirmation to accept/reject buttons
      Add localization for registrations
      Change until date for new memberships to 01-09
      Add processing date to payments
      Add updated_at field to Entry model
      Creation of renewal determines price
      Fix tests
      Always start membership renewals in August in September
      Add board notifications
      Move become a member page to registrations app
      Update localisation
      Add link to registration renewal on account page
      Change file names and add link to documents page
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  15. 23 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Tom van Bussel's avatar
      Really fix the statistics this time · d21ecd60
      Tom van Bussel authored
      Members with `Membership`s of multiple types (e.g. one `Membership` as a normal
      member and one `Membership` as a honorary member) were counted twice in the
      statistics due to a `membership__type=...` in the queries.
      The fix is counting the number of active `Membership`s instead of the number of
      active `Member`s (in a given study year).
  16. 21 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Sébastiaan Versteeg's avatar
      Refactor events app frontend logic · b6af0bdb
      Sébastiaan Versteeg authored
      - Put admin views in a separate file
      - Move creation/updating/cancelling of registrations to services.py
      - Create classes for all frontend views so that these are class-based
      - Make small changes to registration behaviour and urls (update form now loads using get)
      - Make small changes to model methods: change some into properties or remove them in total and add new ones for better global usage
      - Add API for registrations
      Use event instead of event pk for
      Add is_registration_allowed
      Do not use status for is_registration_allowed
      Rename is_registration_allowed, add cancellation_allowed and tests
      Completely remove event 'status'
      Catch DoesNotExist exceptions
      Fix tests and PEP8
      Rename is_registration_allowed to _is_registration_allowed
      Move event attendance check to member model
      Remove status property from events
      Fix API fields
      Add deprecated status field to events serializer
      Fix event_id to pk
      Fix serializers and viewsets
      Change errors of update_registration
      Make  a default empty hidden field
      Fix fields in admin
      Return latest data after update
      Add tests for API
      Fix all_present
      Fix services create registration return
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