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{% trans "Miscellaneous Documents" %}

{% trans "Thalia was officially founded on November 7th, 1990. The relevant statutes and internal rules can be accessed here. The statues have last been amended in September 2007; the internal rules have been changed on several occasions. Other miscellaneous documents can be found here as well, such as the declaration form and the canteen regulations. Please read these carefully, so that we can all have a pleasant time when having drinks in the canteen." %}

{% trans "Policy Documents & Annual Reports" %}

{% trans "Every candidate board of Thalia drafts a policy document before being installed, to detail their plans for the next year. This also includes a general planning of all activities, as well as the budget for that year. Furthermore, the association is obliged to deliver an annual report and provide a financial overview. These documents show the financial developments over the year, what contacts Thalia maintained and what activities were organized. All historical policy documents and reports are made available, below." %}

{% trans "General Meetings" %}

{% trans "The General Meetings (ALVs) can be attended by all members, honorary members and donors. Thalia organizes at least two general meetings each year. Minutes of these meetings are made available below. This allows (honorary) members and donors that did not attend to get an insight in what was discussed as well." %}

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