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{% trans "Book Sale" %}

{% blocktrans trimmed %} As of this year, Thalia's book sale goes through Bol.com. As a member of Thalia you get a 5% discount on study books sold by Bol.com. Furthermore, every time you use one of the links below to visit Bol.com, your browser will receive a cookie for the next few days. Whenever you make a purchase during this period, Thalia receives up to 8% commission on the products you ordered. {% endblocktrans %}

{% trans "How does it work?" %}

{% blocktrans trimmed %} Below, you can find an overview for all courses that require a book in the first semester. You can also choose to view all books for an entire period. Upon selecting a course or period, you will be taken to Bol.com where you can select which books you want to purchase, and finish your order as usual. To use the discount, you can use the generator below. It will produce a code you can enter during your checkout at Bol.com. {% endblocktrans %} {% blocktrans trimmed %} This generator creates a unique code for each user. If you use the generator again after a few days, it will produce the same code. If you have already used the code once and you want to generate a new one, you can remove your cookies and you will be given a new code. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans trimmed %} This discount is also valid for books that are not included in the list below. In case books are missing from the catalog, or if you discover any other problems with the books, send an email to onderwijs@thalia.nu. {% endblocktrans %}

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