Release 1.1.0

🔖 Thalia Website v1.1.0

Errors resolved

  • Fix sitemap and 'preview on page' of partners by fix resolving absolute url for partners (!243)
  • Add missing fancybox images (!244)
  • Fix permissions for sending newsletters ,no longer superuser required (!250)
  • Fix problem with user mailaddress when sending a newsletters (!252)
  • Only show active committees that the user is a member of in events admin, when selecting organisor (!245)
  • Fix check for overlapping memberships and chairs to work correctly (!246)

New functionality

  • Events: add notition that registration is required if you fill in a registration period, otherwise not (!238)
  • Enable fancier permission selection field (!251)
  • Sort committee memberships by starting date on profile page (!255)
  • Add checkbox for the costs warning to newsletter events (!254)

Technical changes

  • Log errors to Slack instead of email (!242)
  • Fix broken migrations for committee chairs (!247)
  • Add management script to clean emails (!253)