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<html><head><title>SSM Changes</title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"></head>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><h2>Changes in SSM</h2><h3></h3><h3>Version 1.3</h3><ul>
      <li>Added backward stepping (undoing).</li>
      <li>The instructions in the code pane now also display their arguments, 
        as mnemonic if possible.</li>
      <li>If code changes during execution a warning is printed.</li>
  </li></ul><h3></h3><h3>Version 1.2.3</h3><ul>
  <li>20020213. Fixed documentation errors.</li></ul><h3>Version 1.2.2</h3><ul>
  <li>20011210. Fixed some weird splitpane behavior and other GUI stuff. The tests 
    now reflect the the instruction set.</li></ul><h3>Version 1.2.1</h3><ul>
  <li>20010330. Toolbar had disappeared, it now displays again (untested on WinXX 
    JDK1.3)</li></ul><h3></h3><h3></h3><h3>Version 1.2</h3><ul>
  <li>20010131. Added blockmove instructions, deleted 'cmp' and related 'brcc' 
    instructions. Changed definition of 'sta' (swapping of parameters on stack) 
    to be consistent with 'stma'. The address is now on top.</li></ul><h3>Version 1.1.3</h3><ul>
  <li>20000928. Repaired documentation bug for 'jsr'.</li></ul><h3></h3><h3>Version 1.1.2</h3><ul>
  <li>20000914, Added 'brt' instruction. True is 0xFFFFFFFF (-1).</li></ul><h3>Version 1.1.1</h3><ul>
  <li>20000912, Fixed documentation errors.</li></ul><h3></h3><h3>Version 1.1</h3><ul>
  <li>20000911, Added instructions 'eq', 'ne', 'lt', 'le', 'gt', 'ge' and 'brf' 
    for comparing purposes. Added 'ldrr' and 'swprr' for register manipulation.</li></ul><h3></h3><h3>Version 1.0.2</h3><ul>
  <li> 20000911, Fixed examples in help w.r.t. labels &amp; ':'.</li>
  <li> 20000911, Tables for instruction description fixed width.</li></ul><h3>Version 1.0.1</h3><ul>
  <li>20000910, Added Trap instruction.</li>
  <li>20000909, Changed name of instruction 'ld' to 'lds', 'st' to 'sts'. Added 
    'ldsa', 'ldaa'. All for better orthogonality of instructionset.</li>
  <li>20000909, Automatic scroll of codepane to position of PC.</li></ul></body></html>