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Add clean-lib-abc-interpreter

Camil Staps requested to merge abc-interpreter into master

This adds build scripts for the ABC interpreter library discussed today.

  • The (de)serialization library is placed in lib/ABCInterpreter (Libraries/ABCInterpreter). It uses the namespace ABC.Interpreter.
  • A number of tools are added to lib/exe (Tools/Clean System 64):
    • The ABC optimiser (abcopt / ABCOptimiser.exe)
    • The bytecode generator (bcgen / ByteCodeGenerator.exe)
    • The bytecode linker (bclink / ByteCodeLinker.exe)
    • The bytecode stripper (bcstrip / ByteCodeStripper.exe)


  • I created an MR for cpm / the IDE to use these tools (clean-ide!9 (merged)).
  • I updated the environments in clean-base to include the paths to the tools above; older versions of cpm / the IDE will ignore these extra entries. However, I thought it better to not add this library to any bundle yet until we are sure that the builds work well (I tested on all three platforms, but the Jenkins setup may be slightly different).
  • I don't think I have access to the Jenkins server, could you add these builds there as well?

CC @johnvg

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