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Allow other sources than in git-sources.txt

Camil Staps requested to merge gitlab-com into master

The only meaningful change here is to generic/

There are a couple of other places where is mentioned:

  • clean-abc-interpreter/*/ this downloads an artifact from GitLab so I'll leave it for now. If we in the future decide to drop Jenkins and build everything in GitLab CI this can be done in a better way.
  • Android scripts (clean-base, clean-lib-graphcopy, clean-lib-platform): these are not yet updated to the new structure with git-sources.txt. I would suggest to remove them, or leave them, but I wouldn't want to change them without being able to test.
  • clean-classic/{macos-x64,linux-x86,linux-x64}: these are also not yet updated to the new structure, but are also very much outdated (taking Platform from SVN, for example). Do we still need these? Otherwise we can remove them.
  • Tools/jenkins-job.tpl: reference to this repository, must stay as it is.
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