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add Makefile and run_all_programs for Small Examples

parent b28e5231
# Makefile for the Clean examples programs
# make (= make all):
# compiles examples
# make <name>:
# compile one example
# make cleanup:
# remove all files that can be recreated
hamming pascal squeen war_seq acker invperm reverse \
str_arit copyfile lqueen revtwice stwice e mulmat \
rfib tak fsieve nfib sieve twice
revtwice: revtwice.icl
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) -h 4m -s 2m revtwice -o revtwice
twice: twice.icl
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) -h 4m -s 2m twice -o twice
pascal: pascal.icl
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) -b pascal -o pascal
copyfile: copyfile.icl
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) -nr copyfile -o copyfile
# Cleanup
$(RM) $(CLEAN_EXAMPLES:%=Clean\ System\ Files/
$(RM) $(CLEAN_EXAMPLES:%=Clean\ System\ Files/%.o)
# Commands
CLM = clm
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) $* -o $*
make all
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