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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • CAB approves the change
  • CAB rejects the change
  • Needs urgent / direct implementation with retrospective registration
  • According to definition in SOP, can be implemented straightforward
  • Change manager approves the change
  • Change manager rejects the change
  • CAB requests explicit review from the Change manager
  • Urgent, this should be dealt with ASAP. Not fixing this issue might trigger a complete system shutdown
  • prio::high
    Issue with high importance. Contributes to the core concepts of the system and/or is necessary for its continuity. Must have.
  • prio::low
    Issue with a low impact on the system and/or increases performance or efficiency. Not fixing this issue might provoke inconvenience, but the core of the system remains operational. Should have.
  • prio::none
    Issue with no or limited impact, to be implemented if time permits. System will remain operational regardless of this issue. Nice to have.
  • type::bug
    The issue reports malfunctional behaviour in existing parts of the application
  • The issue describes new functionality to be added to the application.
  • type::idea
    The issue proposes new ideas for functionalities, but still needs to be refined before actual development can start
  • The issue contains a worked idea, with clear requirements (from a user's perspective). Still needs to be completed with technical details.
  • Issue is ready for development: All requirements are met, the scope is set and the issue contains acceptence criteria
  • Issue is scheduled to be resolved within the following time iteration (e.g. week / two weeks)
  • Issue on which someone is working right now
  • Issue for which work has been done, but is blocked while waiting for confirmation (peer review, answer from vendor, waiting for acceptence of product owner, etc)