Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Blocked
    Issues that are blocked until another issue has been completed.
  • Bug
    Bugs are functionality that does not behave as specified/intended.
  • Discussion
  • Documentation
    Anything related to documenting the working of the software, for both application and system developers.
  • Enhancement
    Enhancements are changes that are not new features, and not bugs, but are more general. Refactorings or API redesigns are in this category.
  • Explore
    These issues record new ideas that should be investigated.
  • Feature
    Features are new functionality.
  • Good first issue
    These are issues that are relatively small and suitable to get to know the codebase better.
  • High priority
    Used to indicate that a bug or missing feature is important because of planned demo's or when it breaks a deployed application.
  • Optimisation
    Optimisations are enhancements that improve speed or memory usage but do not change behaviour or API.
  • Platform: Linux
  • Platform: Mac
  • Platform: WebAssembly
  • Platform: Windows
  • Question
    Questions are requests for explanation. They can be resolved without modifying any code.
  • Testing