Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • api
    Issues related to the API
  • bug
    Something that should be fixed
  • easy and fun
    Easy to solve
  • events
    Issues regarding the events-app
  • feature
    Issues regarding a complete new feature
  • member suggestion
    Ideas (partially) collected during questionaires with members
  • photos
    Issues regarding the photos-app
  • pizzas
    Issues regarding the pizzas-app
  • priority: critical
    It's essential that a fix is released as soon as possible.
  • priority: high
    Must be dealt with before the next minor release (1.X.0) is released.
  • priority: low
    Should be dealt with when nothing else remains.
  • priority: maybe someday
    This is not really relevant, but if we have nothing else to do, then we can think about this.
  • priority: medium
    A new feature or a bugfix that is non-critical.
  • push notifications
    Issues regarding push notifications
  • refactor
    Something that should be refactored
  • request for comments
    Author wants to have other people respond for their opinion
  • security
    Security related issues
  • style
    Issues regarding stylesheets, ui and layout stuff
  • technical change
    Something that is not a bug or a feature
  • testing
    Anything related to (automated) testing