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Fix pizzas classes in HTML, better member ordering by default and fix event…

Sébastiaan Versteeg requested to merge fix/new-template-members into master

Previous behaviour

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Events page was not working on mobile due to use of too large columns
  2. Also, pizza classes in the HTML were incorrect
  3. And the member ordering is now improved, put people without cohorts in the back
  4. Moreover, no descriptions for member groups (boards, committees, societies)
  5. Document names are too long in Dutch

New behaviour

Steps to validate that it works:

  1. Use a phone to check the register button and map location on the screen.
  2. Look in the source of the pizzas app
  3. And check the members page of your local instance, make sure you have a user without cohort though
  4. Member groups have their descriptions shown again
  5. Hyphenate the document names in Dutch
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