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Write newsletter html to file on sending

Michiel Kraan requested to merge feature/save-newsletter-html into master

Closes #321 (closed)

Short description

Generates media/newsletters/pk_lang.html when sending a newsletter's mail, and displays this from thereon. Also adds a "createnewsletterhtml" command that generates html files for already-existing newsletters.

Steps to use this feature

  1. Create a newsletter
  2. All changes in the admin panel are reflected in /newsletters/<pk>
  3. Send using /newsletters/admin/send/<pk>
  4. Making changes to the newsletter or template now no longer changes /newsletters/<pk>
  5. Running "<> createnewsletterhtml [--include-unsent] server-name server-port" writes all previous newsletters to file.
Edited by Sébastiaan Versteeg

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